In Memory

Your alumni committee makes every attempt to be accurate for our deceased classmates.  However, it must be recognized that we are all volunteers, and certainly not experts at validation when we hear about another's passing.

In the first 20 years following graduation (1969-1989), there was very little formality to this effort.  Since then, the committee has done its best and is much more formal and thorough in this effort.  As a result, many of the "missing" alumni - those which we have no contact with - could, in fact, be deceased.  But until we know for sure, we will continue to list them as missing.

Please contact the administrator of this website if you know:

- of a former classmate who has passed on, and should be listed as such

- any of the details of a deceased classmates (e.g., an obituary or even personal knowledge)

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

David G. Albright (Deceased 1985)  
Rochelle A. Amos (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Kenneth L. Andersen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Natalie I. Berrick (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sandra (Debby) Bradley (Miller) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Wendy S. Bugge (Deceased 2015)  
James M. Carder Jr. (Deceased Year Unknown)
Rhonda L. Carnal (Deceased 1985)
Joseph Carter 3rd (Deceased 2008)  
Katherine A. Chaney (Cohn) (Deceased 2012)  
Michael Chisum (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Carla L. Ciarniello (Machado) (Deceased 2016)  
Daryl A. Cox (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Randolph R. Cox (Deceased 2019)
James S. Crawford (Deceased 2007)  
Timothy E. Cronin (Deceased 2003)  
Kenneth A DE Vault (Deceased 2003)  
Edward L. Farnan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gail L. Fernandez (Jones) (Deceased 2014)  
Ricardo E Fiegelist (Deceased 2013)  
Gerald L. Floyd (Deceased Year Unknown)
Earl F. Fong (Deceased 2018)  
Hugo Gaytan (Deceased 1971)  
Scott H. Goodman (Deceased 1999)  
Floyd Goulding (Deceased Year Unknown)
Christopher Gracida (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Gregory L. Gross (Deceased Year Unknown)
Stephen X. Guzman (Deceased 2016)  
Larry C. Hawkinson (Deceased 2018)  
Lanny Hawley (Deceased 2014)  
Wade E. Hebert (Deceased 2020)  
Ronald Henderson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Michael K. Henry (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Lucille Hironaka (Deceased Year Unknown)  
John R Hollingshead (Deceased 2019)  
Michael W. Imura (Deceased 1986)  
Dale W. Johnson (Deceased 2017)
Willie Johnson Jr. (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Susan Litke (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Ric F. Marino (Deceased 1994)  
Karen A. McCOY (Schull) (Deceased 2013)  
Robin McMASTER (Deceased 2002)
Jon Merker (Deceased 2021)  
Lawrence D Michaels (Deceased 2018)  
Theodore Michels (Deceased 1967)  
Debra J. Montgomery (Deceased 1972)  
Lloyd E. Overton (Deceased 1978)
Gene Petralli (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joseph Ponciano (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Timothy E. Powers (Deceased 2009)  
David Reed (Deceased Year Unknown)
Michael C. Reed (Deceased Year Unknown)
David Romano (Deceased 2020)  
John Romeo (Deceased 2005)  
Michael P. Rossow (Deceased 2001)
Margaret A. (Peggy) Rouse (Deceased 1998)  
David Scanlon (Deceased 1977)  
Maureen Silva (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Linda Sommerdorf (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Gus Stathos (Deceased 2005)  
Timmy Stinnett (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Merle H. Stitt (Deceased 1970)  
Frank Tash (Deceased 2004)  
Gary J. Telefson (Deceased 1998)  
WaDelle V. Thomas (Deceased 1997)  
Katherine E. Vaughn (Thompson) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Richard R. Vest (Deceased 2008)  
Deborah J. Ward (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Arleen F. Welsch (Deceased 2020)  
Louise J. Williams (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Judith Carol Wilson (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Cheryl Wood (Seese) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Gary M. Woodward (Deceased 1989)

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.