Prior Events

Results of the 45th Reunion for JFK's Class of 1969 - Oct. 18, 2014 @ Dante Club

  • A fabulous, incredible time was had by all! 
  • Entertainment by our own Al Skinner, who "wow'd the crowd" with magic and humor!
  • All pictures we know about are now on our website in the menu item "Pictures" - or below:

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  • List of those who attended:

Margie (Ferguson) Lehr, Ron Cohn, Julie (McLane) Dulaney, Karen (Fong) Cotton, Phyllis Jones, Yvonne Fong, Judy (Pierini) Poole (from CKM), Karl Okamoto, Barbara (Lee) Beattie, Joanne Faist, Phillip Goode, Darlene Carlson, Sharon Simas, Rick Weisberg, Kim (Johnson) DeHart, Ruth (Trubshenk) Lundsten, Lynette (Greenslate) Bell, Pam Ryan, Mary (Renfree) + Bob Bartron, Janice (Fong) Steenhoek, Sheryl Stewart, Judy (Phillips) Lemke, Steve Cameron, John Ures, Susan Lena, Nancy (Nelson) Cappleman, Gail (Hilleary) Bourtoul, Gary Poroli, Sue (Voegtle) Wilson, Mauricio Leiva, Mark Carlos, Kitty (Becker) Tatro, Georgine (JoJo Okamura) Camper. Robert Brown, Stephen Siewert, Debbie Martin, Dale Young, Dawn Young, John Merker, Cindy Mariano, Debbie (Slightam) Rakela, Dave Alexander, Molly (Cohen) Berg, Judy Guerrero, John Jaksich, Lynette Schwartz (from LB), Coleen (McDowell) Rosenbaum, Karen (Johnson) Dapper, Cheryl Hickey, Jim Wallace, Arthur Averitt, Bobby Kennedy, Doris Bloom (LB), Mary (Cooper) Honsinger, Patty (Greenburg) Roth, Celeste (Koutchis) Tzakis, Linda (LaBella) Pohl, Becky Lambert

plus spouses, significant others, friends, kids, etc.


For those of you who attended the 40th reunion - you KNOW what a fantastic experience it was!

For those of you were unable to attend, know that you were missed, and that all sincerely hope you can make the next reunion event!

There are SO many pictures and memories from the 40th!  Check out the "Pictures" menu item along the left side.  We can't display all of the pictures, but these few will give you a sense of what took place that day and night.

And, for the record, here's a summary of past reunions:


35th Reunion - October 2, 2004
Dinner & Golf Tourney @ Bartley-Cavanaugh Golf Course

33rd Reunion - July 7, 2001

"Mid-life crisis" Picnic & Car Rally @ Greenstone Country Park, Placerville

30th Reunion - September 18, 1999

Formal buffet dinner with dancing @ A Shot of Class, downtown Sacramento

25th Reunion - 1994:   nothing, nada, zilch, zero, zip, ought, goose egg, halo, hole.  We didn't do squat....apathy reigned!

20th Reunion - October  20th, 1989

Sit-down dinner, dancing, drinks- held @ The Club, Sacramento

15th Reunion - 1984

A catered buffet with dancing afterwards - held @ the YWCA in Sacramento

Picnic next day at William Land Park

10th Reunion - 1979

A buffet dinner and dancing, held in downtown Sacramento @ a former residence


5th Reunion - August 18, 1974


Picnic at Elk Grove Park