Linda Wolfe Young

Profile Updated: October 23, 2019
Residing In: Reno, NV USA
Spouse/Partner: divorced
Occupation: Retired, part time CSR at local Cleaners
Children: Renee, born 1976

Went back to Los Angeles after graduation, Married in 1971 & settled in the Bay Area. Worked at UC Berkeley until 1994 & moved to Albany, Oregon, hated it, too much rain & grey skies, so back to the Bay. Worked a variety of Customer Service jobs, always in different areas, highly enlightening & educational! Traveled to different states, just cuz! Discovered I had a half brother & sister from my biological father & we get together almost every year in April & travel some place different, as we all have birthday's in April, my daughter included. For my 65th birthday & my daughter's 40th, we went to Cabo for 10+ days. We decided to skip 2019, as we have agreed to go to Greece & possibly Italy next year. I have settled in Reno, NV. Currently not married & plan to attend the 50th reunion , last one I went to was the 10 year & looking forward to seeing others.

School Story:

In the era of mini skirts, dresses etc.., my homeroom teacher had yet to accept we were no longer in apparel of covered wagon days.I had a mini dress on & my boyfriends jacket, which made the dress look even shorter. He did not approve & sent me to the (at the time)infamous Mrs. Graves, the girls V.P. She wanted me to go to the Home Economics class & take out the hem. Becuz of the length (or lack of), I was to wear my dress with the raw edge hanging. I told her this was unacceptable & good money was spent on my clothes. Her attempt of a threat was she will call my mother, to which my response was handing her the phone. My mom let her know that she is aware of my attire before I leave for school , & that if she approved it, it was not up to her (Mrs. Graves) to pass judgement, or inflict her standards upon me & under no uncertain terms was I or anyone else, allowed to alter the dress in any way. I knew most of what was going to be said & definitely the way & demeanor it would be said, which was confirmed by the look on Mrs. Graves face at that time. Of course, I topped it off with a"gotcha" attitude & smirk on my face.
Then there was the time when the female classmates were fighting for the right to wear pants to school & I came to school wearing slacks, & coordinating sweater & accessories, once again sent to Mrs. Graves office. This time we met with the principle as my attire was actually acceptable to both, but the policy was not being adhered to. I presented my argument to which they could not disagree, but none the less at that time it was not allowed, & they had to follow the rules. The principle said I would have to go home & change clothes, & becuz of the distance told Mrs. Graves to take me & wait for me while I changed & bring me back to school. (she was not happy about that) I will assume that I & the rest of the female population must of made some sort of impact, as the very next year, in 1970, pant suits were allowed for females to wear!

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Happy Birthday fellow Taurus , mine is the same day!

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Well congratulations on the impending birth of another g-grandchild. I hope the mother is well & staying healthy with the pandemic we are currently going thru, & by September we will not have that to be seriously concerned about. I am in Reno, NV & currently under house arrest for the safety of all. I haven't had any symptoms & only go out to the store & any medical appointments that are necessary. I was laid off my part time job. I had the job strictly for travel money & had planned to go to Puerto Vallarta for my birthday at the end of this month, which of course has been cancelled. Ah well, maybe when this is over & the restrictions are lifted. I hope you are doing well also, & if you are ever up this way look me up, I live in Mid-town just a few blocks from the casino's , very centrally located, which is funny cuz I don't gamble! Take care & stay well, Linda Wolfe Young

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Thanks to the name tags since I was unable to locate my year book. And added a year after graduation pic L 2 R : Diana Dunn, Shirley Anderson & Self. Diana & Shirley were in the class of 70. If you know how to crop pics to fit be my guest! It was great to see all & I'm glad that I was not the only one looking at the name tag to put with the "don't I know you face?!" (not to mention the memory!) If any one is on Facebook, please send me a friend request, under Linda Young, Reno NV. I must mention tho most of my posts are sarcastic humor, inspiring, animals, kids, nature, & very risque & a few that are political, so you may want to peruse them first

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My daughter & I in Cabo, at 65 & 40

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