In Memory

Ric F. Marino

Deceased 1 Dec 1994

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06/02/10 11:43 PM #1    

Merri S. McKEE

Neighbor, friend, always a open heart and easy listener...and we trashed his house one night when his parents were away...what a party it was..many years later he stopped by my parent's house to see us one holiday break when he saw cars parked there...hoping to say Hi.  We visited for awhile and I realized he was not well...almost as if he was saying goodbye.  Later, I heard he had passed on, and remembered his visit.  I still think of him every time I drive past his house on the block next to my parent's house.

06/26/14 02:29 AM #2    

Don DeVincenzi

Ric was a good friend. Gail Fernandez and I double dated with Ric and Ann Madsen to our Junior prom, I believe it was. We were friend in cabinet at JFK. I flew one time with Ric and his dad to the Nut Tree for lunch. Ric was flying home and his dad pointed to the dash of the plane and a glued on sign that said, "Watch thy air speed or thy ground will come up and smight thee". I have never forgotten that. Ric was a good friend many years ago. I miss you Ric. I also remember taking ballroom dancing, and I will never forget slow dancing with Ann Madsen to the Beach Boys singing "In My Room".  Rest in peace Ric


08/25/14 11:57 PM #3    

Charles (David) Sigman

"I will never forget slow dancing with Ann Madsen to the Beach Boys singing "In My Room". 

Yeah, how could you forget a moment like that! A great memory, I'm sure.


08/26/14 02:08 PM #4    

Darlene M. Carlson

I first met Ric when he came to John Cabrillo Elementary School.  Ric had moved across the street from me in a cul' de sac which was right up against the river levee.  We quickly became friends and walked to and from school together.  Ric was direct with his words and thoughts and even then, on a walk home from school, he turned to me and said, "Darlene, why don't you just admit it.  You know you like me."  He was the cute little red haired, freckled face boy that loved to laugh and have fun.  Although, over the years we were never romantically involved, we were best friends growing up and shared many "first" things in life that people experience. Together we supported each other through traumatic and difficult times and remained friends forever.  Ric had interests and eclectic tastes that most children and young adults did not which made life very interesting to have him as a best friend.  I remember when he was so proud to show me something new he had in his bedroom....and it was a bust of Julius Caesar.  Ric loved to cook and was always inviting me over for a meal.  He would set the table with good china and silver and serve dishes with a flourish.  I remember his cold avocado soup and the exciting flaming cherries jubllee.  He loved to host dinner paries and put much thought into placing namecards to foster friendships and good conversation between guests.  One time, one of the guys and I wanted to sit next to one another so we switched the namecards around so we could.  Needless to say I heard about my "crime" for a long time afterwards.  It turned out that at my third place of residence after high school, Ric moved into a duplex right down the street from me.  And once again, we invited each other over for dinner.  I remember one night at his place we were having one of his wonderful dinners by candlelight and he shared that he made dinner for all his friends and that I was the only one who ever reciprocated.  I gave some words of encouragement and advice but felt very sad that he felt that type of rejection from friends.  He had a big heart, a sturdy laugh, and loved to entertain and have a good time.  I was so glad that my daughters and Ric and I were able to spend time together as they have heard many stories about us growing up.  One time he had the three of us over for a wonderful meal even though he was quite ill at the time.  When he was 11 years old he wrote a murder myster play "The 'Forgotten People' Club" which was presented on Parent/Teacher Day at John Cabrillo.  I was the woman who got murdered and I only remember the Judge in the play, who was Jerry Mamola.  Ric was furious that everyone was not remembering their lines, he was a perfectionist, except for me as I was murdered right away so didn't have many lines to put to memory. Then in October 1994, his last birthday, we had a party for him at his residence in San Francisco.  His mother, Carol, printed up the play and we re-enacted the play that was 31 years old.  My daughters were in the play and I, once again, was the woman who got murdered, my original role.  We laughed and had a wonderful time.  Shortly thereafter I took time off from work and went to San Francisco to be with Ric and his mother in his last days.  Ric was a wonderful friend and I will never forget in our travels when we met under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so excited to see one another.  Ric would want us to keep laughing and having a good time so if you are coming to the reunion I have a couple funny stories about Halloween so please ask if you want to laugh with us.

Darlene Carlson

08/27/14 04:51 PM #5    

Celeste C. Koutchis (Tzikas)

Dear Darlene,

That is the most wonderful piece of writing/remembrance of Ric. It makes me feel sad that I did not try to know him better. You have added so much dimension to his obviously multi-faceted life. He did like to laugh and I can hear it now. Thank you for being such a good friend to him all those years. We evolve at very different speeds. I look back at the bounty of wonderful people that I could have been more connected to and think there is still time to do a better job. 

Even when we worked on the reunion together that one crazy summer... the girls were all so small.  With my little typewriter, list making and peanut butter sandwiches; we worked so hard. And no internet! You were a treasure. Ric knew that from the get go. He worked very hard to be accomplished and to be accepted. A reoccuring theme in all our lives, feeling alone, even when it is so busy.The last time I saw Ric was when he was bartending at AJ Bumps. He looked so competent and as always, smiling. Looking so forward to the reunion. I will look for you.

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